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We represent a lifestyle and passion; from snowboarding, to skateboarding - year round we offer the brands preferred by those who live it.

Established in the early 90's, Hustler Snowboards has been in Oakville and has since then become one of the most reputable shops.

We're here to show love to those who represent the culture, and at the same time provide expertise and encouragement to those who want a piece of it as well. It's for the sole reason being that we too are avid consumers of skate, snow and wakeboarding sports.

At Hustler, we sponsor tons of skate/snow/wake events, up-and-comers, and even children's sports teams within the community. It's a home away from home for its riders, employees, and loyal customers.

During the summer we've got plenty of kids coming by to hang out, and each school semester there's always a new co-op kid lingering around. And even though everyone's grown up since hustler began back in the 90's, no one's ever truly left.

We've got a pretty big family going on, but there's always room for more. And on that note, we truly respect and thank all our supporting customers and fellow core retailers for being a part of it.